What Are Dermal Fillers in Dubai?

Dermal fillers in Dubai are a new trend in the field of beauty. All people who care for their skin are interested in dermal fillers. Everyone deserves the best appearance. But as we age, our skin changes and wrinkles appear. We introduce the right solution to avoid this problem.

With dermal fillers, you will have a natural appearance. Dermal fillers are anti-aging treatments. If you want to achieve perfect facial contouring, filler is the best option. The filler is safe. It helps you obtain your target without any surgical procedures.

 The filler gives people a youthful look. It helps refresh the skin and make it look healthy. Berlin Hospital has the best doctors. You will receive the best service near you. At Berlin Hospital, there are modern instruments.     

Do you know about Dermal Fillers in Dubai? 

 Fillers are the most popular choice among people of all ages. Doctors inject natural substances below the skin in a non-surgical way. This substance fills the areas with scanty volume or wrinkles. It helps enhance the appearance of skin lines and wrinkles. 

You should follow some steps to be ready for filler:


Facial mapping 

Cleaning the area

Application of local anesthesia

Application of the dermal filler

Cleaning up and recovery 

Follow up

Due to the aging process, our faces and hands’ skin look different. There are environmental factors that affect our skin, such as the heat of the sun. The face is the most vulnerable area exposed to the sun. This leads to losing the shiny look of the face.

 Dermal fillers help restore the glowy appearance. Filler protects the skin against the signs of aging and reverses these signs. Filler is not only for the face but can be used for other parts of the body, such as the hands. 

Lip fillers in Dubai

There is an increasing demand for lip fillers following this trend. At Berlin Hospital, doctors introduce the best lip fillers in Dubai. Filler is the best way to have a naturally plump lip. Filler is characterized by rapid results. Hyaluronic acid is the most important ingredient in lip filler. 

The technique and amount of filler differ and depend on the state of each case. Filler enhances the shape and volume of the lips. You will receive immediate, but only temporary results. You need to repeat the injection every 3 to 4 months to maintain the shape of your lips.  

After injecting lip filler, the patient will suffer from redness that lasts for one week. You should follow the after-care instructions.

No lip product 

Regular icing

Regular hydrating

After injecting the filler, you can resume your daily activities. You should contact a trained physician, and you will find professional doctors at Berlin Hospital. The face has many important structures, such as nerves. These structures may be accidentally damaged while removing or placing the needle. 

Lip filler costs are lower compared with surgical procedures. At Berlin Hospital, you will get highly effective results. The hospital is near you, you will save time. There are some risks with lip fillers, especially with untrained doctors, such as:




Under-eye fillers in Dubai

Dark circles under the eye area resemble a problem for many people. You are not the only one who suffers from it. You will find solutions such as lightening creams, but this solution is not effective. The most effective one is eye filler. You get under-eye filler to fill the hollowness under the eye.

If you suffer from dark circles under the eye, do not hesitate to contact a highly certified dermatologist. You will find them at Berlin Hospital. The filler helps brighten the area and restore the volume under the eye. There is a difference between Botox and under-eye filler.

The area under the eye is full of blood vessels, so it is more susceptible to bruising. The patient may suffer from swelling. These problems should be resolved within a week. You should not touch the area for 3 hours after injecting to reduce the risk of swelling. 

Cheek fillers in Dubai

Full cheeks and high cheekbones are characteristics of youth. With old age, we lose subcutaneous fat and collagen. As a result, the face loses volume, and the contour disappears. Cheek filler is based on a local injection and filling the cheek with a substance. 

Dermal filler is safer compared to surgical operations to restore the contour of the face. Filler aims to give the face a youthful look and brighten it. There are many benefits to cheek fillers. When you experience the cheek filler, it will:

Improve the health of the skin.

Provide moisture to the skin. 

Restore facial volume. 

Reshape the facial contour.

 Face Fillers In Dubai

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can do face fillers in Dubai. We use face fillers to reshape the contour of the face. The results of filler are temporary. Filler leads to contouring the face.

Nose fillers in Dubai

Nose filler is also called non-surgical rhinoplasty. The results are temporary and last as long as the filler is injected into an area, unlike surgical rhinoplasty. Many patients notice a straighter and more symmetrical nose after ending the set of injections. 

The filler generally lasts for 8 to 12 months, then gradually returns to its original shape. The filler takes 20 minutes. There is Berlin Hospital near you. It has professional doctors in dermatology. Berlin Hospital uses FDA-approved brand products and high-quality substances.

 If you are interested in fillers or want to look more beautiful, contact us now. Berlin Hospital is near you. call now and request an appointment.