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Dr. Abubakr Awad Osman

Dr. Abubakr Awad Osman
Internal Medicine Consultant
MBBS, Germany; Postgraduate Excellence in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus, USA

Dr. Abubakr has completed his MBBS and Specialist studies from Friedrich-Schiller University – Jena, Germany. His career spanning over 2 decades in different part of the world including, Egypt, Sudan, Germany and UAE.

He is certified as Consultant Internal Medicine by German Council (FACHARZT) and licensed to practice the profession of medical doctor in Germany and European Union. He completed his certification in Postgraduate Excellence in Management of Diabetes Mellitus from Boston University, USA and Postgraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine from institute of emergency medicine, Arnsberg, Germany.

Area of Expertise of Dr. Abubakr are Hydrogen breath tests in gastrointestinal diseases, celiac disease and food allergies, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, supervision of pregnancy Carbohydrate malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of anaemia, infectious diseases and diseases of tropical medicine so as viral hepatitis, Saxenda injection.