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Dr. Deena Alshamy

Deena Ahmed Gamal El-Dine
Faculty of pharmacy, Bachelor degree of pharmaceutical Sciences
• Dispensing medicines as per prescriptions issued by medical practitioners.
• Providing information to the patients regarding the frequency, dosage, effects and side effects of dispensed medications.
• abiding by all ministerial and Department of Health regulations in the procurement, storage and dispensing of medications.
• Maintaining periodic inventory of drugs and consumable items, with special reference to Date of expiry.
• Following insurance practices in the dispensing of medicines to insured patients.
• Assuming Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities and complying with pharmacy law applicable to the practice site, with respect to labeling, prescription and record keeping requirements in accordance with federal and provincial legislation.
• Keeping excellent Communication Skills with patients, colleagues and doctors.
• Calculations :accurately apply mathematical principles to a variety of tasks required in the preparation and distribution of drugs.
• sterile product preparation, using aseptic techniques in accordance with professional standards.
• Drug Knowledge and categorizing the top 200 drugs into the major therapeutic classifications, distinguish between generic and trade names of drugs, and generally identify accepted drug dosage forms, strengths and routes.
• Recognizing and interpreting the common hazard symbols found on labels of hazardous materials found in workplace.