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Moharam Abdel Shahid


Subject of study for Master degree was under the title of (recent advances in mastalgia) (Oncology) this study discussed mastalgia in different aspects as
different forms of breast pain (cyclical, noncyclical, and extra mammary) different theories of causes of breast pain, incidence and prevalence especially in females within child bearing period, different methods of management as physical, psychological support and medical (hormonal and non-hormonal).

M.D degree thesis is under the title of (recent trends in laparoscopic common bile duct exploration). It tends to clarify some points regarding methods of laparoscopic
exploration of common bile duct as trancystic approach and choledochotomy approach, comparison between two methods in time of surgery, failure rate, total hospital stay, peri-operative complications, and time of presentation to resolution.

General Surgery:
Minor operations
All minor procedures under local anaesthesia are performed perfectly.

Major and Intermediate operations
• All types of thyroidectomise (hemithyroidectomy, subtotal, total …)
• Gastric/ oesophagus: hiatus hernia , achalasia, partial gastrectomy , gastric sleeve , gastric minibypass, gastrojeujenostomy, gastrostomy,…
• Splenectomy (elective, emergency)(open, laparoscopic)
• Splenectomy with devascularisation for portal hypertension
• All types of Mastectomy (lumpectomy, simple mastectomy, MRM, ….)
• Management of all types of Hernia (Inguinal, PUH, Femoral, Incisional, Hiatus Hernia,…)(open , and laparoscopic)
• Superficial parotidectomy
• Sialoadenectomy
• Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic, open)
• CBDE (common bile duct exploration) laparoscopic and open
• Bypass operation for inoperable cancer head of pancreas, obstructive jaundice
• Different types of colectomies (left sided, RT sided, Transverse, Sigmoidectomy, Total colectomy)(open , and laparoscoopic) (abdominoperineal.

Endoscopic Skills
1. Diagnostic upper endoscopy
2. Diagnostic lower endoscopy
3. Balloon insertion, and removal

Classification of my operative skills according to regions 
___ Head and neck :
1. Parotid
2. Submandibular
3. Thyroid
4. Thyroglossal cyst
5. LN Biopsy (cervical)

___ Abdomen& Scrotum
1. Gall bladder (laparoscopic and open cholecystectomy)
2. Spleen (emergency and elective Splenectomy) )(open and laparoscopic)
3. Colon (all types of colectomy) )
4. Biliary tree (exploration and Bypass for obstructive jaundice)
5. Stomach (sleeve, minibypass, gastrectomy, Gastrojejunostomy)(open and
6. Abdominal wall hernias (Hernia repair))(open and laparoscopic)
7. Intestinal obstruction (different types of exploration, open and laparoscopic)
8. Surgical abdomen and internal haemorrhage
9. Piles, 10. Anal fissure, 11. Pilonidal sinus , 12. Low peri-anal fistula
13. Varicocele , 14. Hydrocele, 15. Undescended testis , 16. Orchidectomy

___ Lower limb
1. Varicose vein (surgical , and endovascular ablation, injection) 2. Skin grafting for ulcers

___ Breast
All types of mastectomy, Lumpectomy, MRM, axillary LN Dissection

___ Minor procedures
Lipoma, Sebaceous cyst, Abscess, LN biopsy, Circumcision, Ganglion Suturing of traumatic wounds……etc.