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Scientists confirm blood test could track Alzheimer’s disease

A long-term study supports earlier suggestions that testing the blood for levels of a certain protein could be a noninvasive way to track the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. The protein is called neurofilament light. It spills out of damaged and dying nerve cells, into the cerebrospinal fluid and then travels from there into the bloodstream.

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Healthy Smiles, Inside & Out

Having a healthy smile on your face can cheer up the people around you. Everyone likes to maintain the perfect looking teeth for a healthy and beautiful smile. Our dental professionals can provide you with various tips to keep-up healthy, white and beautiful teeth. We know that a happy, smiling face adds to one’s personality.

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Study reveals how general anesthetics affect the brain

New research in mice reveals for the first time that diverse drugs that induce general anesthesia activate a brain circuit that brings on sleep. The scientists at Duke University in Durham, NC who carried out the study, suggest that the findings will help to develop better drugs that can induce sleep with fewer adverse reactions.

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The Benefits Of Oral Health Consultation

Dental health should not be overlooked. A toothache is not as simple as childhood stories are, and it warrants an immediate dental consultation. The best person who can treat any dental health problems is a licensed dentist. However, many people are afraid to consult a dentist for various reasons, so it’s important that you’re made

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