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During Your Stay

When people don’t know what to anticipate, preparation for surgery might be stressful or frightening. You may be feeling this way because you have unsolved concerns and questions. Knowing what to anticipate will make you feel more at ease and in command.

Check-in and Admission

Verify: Please check-in at the registration counter when you reach at our center to verify your personal, guardian, and insurance information.

After Acceptance: You will be taken to the pre-op area after checking in at our center, where a nurse will conduct a health examination and prepare you for surgery. You and your family or guardian will remain in the hospital until your surgery is scheduled. Anesthesiology will talk to you about your anesthetic and respond to questions you may have. You would be taken to the surgery room at the right time. Your attendant will wait for you in the waiting area throughout surgery and accompany you in the recovery area thereafter.