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The Pharmacy is well stocked with a wide range of medicines produced by worldwide pharmaceutical companies.

Our patients are being served by a well qualified, experienced, highly skilled and courteous team that works compassionately to reduce their waiting time and to edify their dosage.

We have been especially attentive to keep the medicine rates updated along with the price list. This is published by the Ministry of Health to control medicine costs, this way we are assured of standard pricing for all patients.

The Pharmacy Services Includes

  • In-Patient Pharmacy
  • Ambulatory care (out-patient Pharmacy)

In-Patient Pharmacy Services:

Our In-Patient Pharmacist strives to provide care and comfort in a compassionate environment

  • During working under supervision of qualified Pharmacist.
  • In-Patient Pharmacist maintains an active, defined and integral role in daily interdisciplinary patient care rounds.
  • Ambulatory care medication dispensing and counseling to all discharge patients
  • Nursing education on drugs, and medications safety.
  • In-house drug information for all staff and patients.
  • Management of buffer stock medication, crash cart medications.
  • Preparation of drugs as guidelines.

Pharmacy Services:

  • Dispensing under supervision of qualified pharmacist to all out patients.
  • Patients counseling.
  • Supporting day care oncology.