The Department of Emergency Medicine at Berlin Hospitals combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional medical knowledge to yield superior emergency care. The team of qualified and experienced doctors, paramedics, and nurses have the experience and temperament to provide immediate medical care to critically ill or injured patients in a full-fledged facility with state-of-the-art clinical support.

The therapy environment is designed to achieve better comfort for patients while also safeguarding their privacy as well as that of their families. A 24-hour pharmacy is also backed by the Emergency Care Unit to ensure that medicines are available at all times.At Berlin Hospitals we believe that patients and their families should have access to high quality healthcare at a center that they trust.

Services offered:

  • From simple diseases to life-threatening crises, complete medical treatment is available.
  • Full-service procedure room with a special defibrillator, ECG (electrocardiogram), infusion pump, and crash carts are among many other things.
  • Diagnostic imaging and laboratory services are close within the hospital.
  • For individuals who do not need intensive care or admission, the Short Stay Unit is available.
  • A broad range of medical, paediatric, and surgical specialists are available on call.
  • Primary care providers refer unwell patients to this advanced diagnostic center.
  • Half of all hospital inpatient admissions are decided by decision makers.
  • Minor trauma, cuts, injuries, and burns are all taken care.
  • Removal of unwanted from the ear, nose and throat.