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Hair Transplant

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Continue to read and we will give you all the basics on hair loss and on how you can say goodbye to it forever.

1. Stop Hair Loss

First and foremost, we must address hair loss. How? If you’re still in very early stages of hair loss, there have been medical treatments that can help you halt or slow things down. Finally, if you have severe hair loss or simply would like to restore some of your hair, a hair transplant could be the best option for you.

2. Get Your Head Of Hair Back

A hair transplant is the sole choice for those who wish to do more than simply stop hair loss and would prefer get their hair back. Many celebrities, including Wayne Rooney and Matthew McConaughey, already have performed so, and each year around 300.000 hair transplants are completed.

We provide transplant is lifelong and completely natural; you style and care for it the same way you would care about your own hair because it is, after all, your own hair! You’re wrong if you assume this comes with a celebrity price tag. Hair transplants are now accessible to practically everyone’s budget, and we offer no-interest payment plans.

3. Available Treatment Options

Hair loss patients can choose from a range of treatment alternatives. These are some of them:

FUE Hair Transplant: Individually harvesting hairs from the donor area(s) and placing them in the affected area utilizing the most up-to-date procedures. Hair will continue to grow spontaneously once the follicles have arrived at the desirable rate.

FUT Hair Transplant: A strand of hair is extracted from the donor area, and the hair follicles are then firmly implanted in the affected area. The weakening and balding of these collected hairs are unaffected.

NEW – Vinci MaxTM Hair Transplant — Combines FUE and FUT procedures to extract the most hairs possible.